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If there’s one thing college people can’t get enough of, it’s definitely celebrity gossip. Many college people are so obsessed with it that they can’t function properly without getting their daily dose of it. A lot of them have their favorite gossip blog such as perezhilton or TMZ that they visit on a daily basis. A few of the overly obsessive OCD type college people typically visit the sites hundreds or even thousands of times a day.

In addition, college people also like telling the latest celebrity gossip with all their friends. But it’s not just a normal conversation like “Hey, did you hear that so and so is pregnant.” No, no instead it’s way more extreme like “OMG, have you heard that so and so is fricken preggers, and like what’s gonna happen next, and who’s the father… and like OMG I totally can’t believe this shit!” Then all their friends start talking about it and pretty soon it turns into a full fledged college cat fight with words traveling a bazillion miles an hour. It’s insane.

So the next time a big celebrity news event hits the press, be prepared for millions of college people literally going crazy over the news. And don’t be surprised if all their craziness actually turns into the news itself!! It seriously can get that bad. No wonder why college riots exist!


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