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#43 Napping

Excessively tired, chronic sleep deprived college people enjoy napping to the max. And since many college people fit that description, napping happens to be a very popular activity. You see, all-night cram sessions, parties, TV, the net and a general overload of activity causes them to lose precious night sleep. This is where daytime naps come in, they fill in the gaps. For some college people, naps are as common as eating lunch or brushing teeth.

A popular napping day is Saturday and usually the nap occurs in the afternoon. Prime time is between 2 and 4 pm. Usually what happens is the college student leaps rampantly into their bed and then quickly snuggles under the covers. A slight smile can often be seen on their face as well, this is because napping is such a joyous experience to them that they can’t help but to give a little grin.

In addition, many college people look forward to napping. It helps to break up their day as well as making them feel refreshed and revived once they get up. Some college people screw napping in their dorm room and end up taking a nap anywhere they can find a place, such as on an outdoor picnic table or even in their friend’s laundry basket! Wherever it is, college people and napping are the perfect match—it’s their soul mate.


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