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College people love to smooch and make out hardcore in the dorm bathrooms. Such activity would typically be frowned upon by sensible older adults, but college people don’t think that way at all. Instead, it’s the best joyride of their entire lives, and some even manage to make it all the way to home base.

The deviousness of the activity is what makes bathrooms a popular hook-up spot for college people. What right-minded “experienced” old adult would think that bathrooms are the perfect romantic place for a date? Probably zip! And that’s exactly why “unexperienced” young college people choose bathrooms for their love sessions. You see, college people are natural redneck rebels, so it makes perfect sense for them.

In addition, what’s worse, is that college people like to tell all their little friends about the ordeal. They go up to their buddies and say, “Hey bitches, I made out in the bathroom with <insert name> and it was a great experience, it was so fergalicious.” And then their little friends blush in disgust, but then one bursts out saying “Wow, that sounds so fucking awesome!!” Then some high-fives are exchanged and then they go on with their daily lives.

Hooking up in the dorm bathrooms gives college people that extra little edge to make it through a long, boring day of classes. Whenever they get depressed or sad they simply think about it, or fantasize about the next one, and then everything all of a sudden becomes great again. It’s like magic. It’s also their secret life antidote. Shhhh…


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College people like to mate because it’s a deep urge that needs to be satisfied. They can’t help it, but their animal instinct prevails hardcore.

Some college people like it dirty, some like it clean, and some even like it doggy style. Whatever the frickin style is, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, is that college people love to mate.

Some do it in the bed, some do it in the bathroom, some do it on a bench, some do it in a car, and some overly confident ones even do it during lecture. Wherever it is, mating is still mating and college people always have a craving for it. It’s a deeper more compulsive craving than the rest of the “older” society.

In fact, college people would rather mate than study. It’s simply more appealing to them. Finding pleasure is a good thing for them and obviously mating is a pleasurable experience. Hmmm… it looks like they found the mother lode!

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