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1. You’re still enrolled in classes, approaching 30, and still don’t have a degree of any sort.

2. You have a sense for a free item; like you have a “freedar” in your head.

3. Going to bed at 5 am is early.

4. You can type an 11 page paper in one night and get an “A”

5. Studying is a fucking bitch.

6. You’re waiting for your financial aid check and your social security check makes it to your mailbox first.

7. You go out to a dinner at a fancy restaurant and you try to order microwaved ramen.

8. You go through any checkout line (especially when paying for food) and take out your prospective college ID card instead of your credit card.

9. Getting out of bed before 12 noon is too early.

10. You would graduate at the top of your class if napping and facebooking were majors.

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Note: These are the results of the “finish the sentence” game back on April 6th. This list is not set in stone and I will be glad to add more to the list so make sure to comment this with your suggestions. 😉

~Special Thanks to Amy, Burst, imaG, HeadNutInCharge, Andy, Kristyn, Todun, and Melmel for contributing to the list!!


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Dorm life: the interesting, crazy, horrible, wonderful and enlightening experience that college people love, especially freshmen. For many, it’s the most memorable time of their entire lives.

Such things as all night bull sessions about everything from childhood fears to ideal jobs, to sleeping on the floor in a friend’s room because your roommate deposited his supper on your room’s floor after some hard partying, are all experiences that will be etched forever in your mind.

College people love the luxury of sleeping in a dorm and all the stuff associated with it. There’s nothing better than being able to walk downstairs to the TV lounge in your pajamas and have a late night movie marathon with all your friends on a cold, rainy night. Then whenever you feel like it you can simply just leave and walk back up stairs and go to bed.

Other things such as music blasting down the halls at 3AM in the morning and crazy, loud parties all add the “cherry on top” to the college dorm experience. And all through these fun- filled adventures, tons of new friends are made in the process, and friends equal fun, so the more the better. (At least up to a certain point).

College people often say that college flies by, freshman year will feel as though it happened in a week. Despite some complaint-worthy aspects of living in university-owned housing, enjoy the fact that you don’t need to call a shuttle to visit your friends’ places after dusk and that you never have to keep track of when the rent is due. College dorm life is an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy it, savor it, hug it, embrace it, do whatever you can to make it a great time.

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College people can’t get enough of this fun, fast paced game. The overall premise of the game is similar to football except instead of using a football, a frisbee is used. The relatively “softcore” nature of the game attracts a lot more ladies to it versus hardcore, rough football. Thus, the game is more diverse and ultimately more fun for everyone.

In a typical game, players can be seen diving left and right and running in masses wherever the frisbee is headed. When the frisbee is caught in the end zone, a loud cheer is often heard and various rituals are performed such as handshakes or pumping the fists in celebration.

Some players get more involved in the game than others. The most aggressive players throw their bodies around in reckless abandon, jumping and doing almost anything to get a hold of the frisbee. Various phrases are also yelled during the game such as “Hot catch!” when someone makes an eye-pleasing grab or “Up!” when the frisbee is in the air to alert other players of the action that is about to begin.

One thing unique about the game that college people love is that there are no referees. Rather, the game is guided by the “Spirit of the Game” which means that players must settle all disputes over fouls among themselves. It’s very interpersonal, but college people wouldn’t want it anyway different. In fact, a lot of love and even some relationships have formed because of the game. Now isn’t that just the sweetest thing.

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#29 YouTube

When there’s nothing better to do, millions of college people turn to YouTube to relieve their chronic boredom. Before YouTube ever existed, the only options to relieve this were to watch boring TV, read boring books, better their social life, or study. But now with the existence of YouTube, college people practically have their eyes glued to their computer screens watching thousands upon thousands of tiny moving pixels.

Most of the time they just go on and start browsing stupid, nonsense videos, watching them just for the heck of it. Other times, they have a few of their favorite YouTube “celebrities” that they subscribe to and make sure to watch every one of their new videos. They sometimes even leave a comment or two and then move on to watching another video, repeating this cycle over and over until they can’t stand it anymore.

Occasionally, a college student will try to get involved in the YouTube community themselves, making their own account and hoping to to get some viewers. Usually it fails, though, so they’re stuck back with watching more pointless videos.

Also, when a college student finds an absolutely hilarious video, it’s best to tell all their friends about it so that they can all come over and gather around the computer screen and have something to the effect of a laughing orgie. It’s a great way to spend an entire afternoon.

To sum this up, college people are addicted to YouTube just like they are addicted to Facebook, and there’s no stopping them because getting a good laugh after watching some moving pixels is what college people call a day well spent.

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College: The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s your life now. Skipping class is something that college people have become known for. College people who skip on a regular basis usually have devised some sort of plan, it doesn’t usually happen on a whim. There is a correct and an incorrect way to do it. If you want to skip class and still maintain a passing grade there are a few techniques that you need to master.

Some people take classes with people they know, that way they can set up a rotation schedule in which a certain person would go to class and the others skip. The person that’s in class then promises to take good notes so that the others can copy them down later like monkeys.

Another strategy is to hit on the nerd in the class. Now be nice. You may have to sacrifice a few social status points but it’s worth it. To find the nerd, pay attention to who takes notes, is always sitting in the front, who always comes prepared, and who is wearing rimmed glasses, etc… When the victim is found, try to become friends with him/her or at least start a conversation. If the plan works, you will be able exchange notes, call him/her up before a test, or get help whenever needed. Yes!!

Finally, don’t skip class when everyone else does. It’s absolutely necessary to come to classes on the first day, before any major break such as Christmas or Spring Break, or the class period before a test. The professor will take note on the committed students, and even though you are just posing, he will never find out. Looks like they outsmarted the professor… SCORE!!

There are many more strategies college people use for skipping classes but it comes down to being prepared, devising a plan, and being slightly devious. College is, after all, what you make of it. Good luck.

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#13 Friends

An old saying that friends make the world go ’round holds quite true in college as well, especially for college people who desperately seek attention.

Having friends relieves stress, makes college more fun, and opens up your social life to a whole new level. Now if you’re friendless in college, a good way to start is to leave your dorm door open because it’s common sense that people are far more likely to poke their head in and say hi than if the door were closed. Smart college people will understand this concept.

In addition, having friends will allow you to study together as well. Now I must stress that having the “right” friends is also quite important. As getting involved with a group of friends who drink and party a lot will almost for sure cause your grades to slip and this is not good for college people who are obsessed with getting good grades.

Some more cool tips that I’ve learned to gain more friends in college is to join a student group, attend sporting events, or offer to give someone a ride somewhere. These all will help, but still require some effort and willingness on your part. So make sure you’re not lazy like the average college student!

All in all, college people love friends, and friends are just a good thing in general. They make the college experience so much better and worthwhile. Be proud of your social life.

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A whole new food pyramid is reinvented in college that allows you to pitch the healthy foods in the trash.The rules have changed, no longer do you have to eat gross healthy foods that make you plug your nose while you eat them.

Welcome to the world of mountain dew and oreos — a delicious combination of carbonation and cream filling… Yum! College people love to indulge on this wonderful mixture.

The taste is great and it’s even good for all three meal times — breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It makes the world go round for college people.

The sugary sensation gives college people the extra boost to make it through a long boring day at classes. In addition, college people sometimes have lame oreo stacking competitions or see how fast they can chug a mountain dew.

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