Obama and Clinton are pressing for the youth vote…

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College people like laughing at stupid people because it makes them feel better about themselves. Laughing at others’ mistakes is a great way to relieve stress for them. It makes them forget about their own life problems and allows them to recover from emotional hard times. It also makes them sleep better at night for unknown reasons. Have a GREAT day! 😀

#39 Mating

College people like to mate because it’s a deep urge that needs to be satisfied. They can’t help it, but their animal instinct prevails hardcore.

Some college people like it dirty, some like it clean, and some even like it doggy style. Whatever the frickin style is, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, is that college people love to mate.

Some do it in the bed, some do it in the bathroom, some do it on a bench, some do it in a car, and some overly confident ones even do it during lecture. Wherever it is, mating is still mating and college people always have a craving for it. It’s a deeper more compulsive craving than the rest of the “older” society.

In fact, college people would rather mate than study. It’s simply more appealing to them. Finding pleasure is a good thing for them and obviously mating is a pleasurable experience. Hmmm… it looks like they found the mother lode!

College people are overly addicted to duct tape and use it to their advantage in many bizarre and quite frankly strange ways.

You see, college people are clumsy and therefore duct tape comes in handy whenever they break something and need to fix it.

When college people are out of toilet paper, duct tape is a blessing. The stickiness of it does the job surprisingly well.

Since college people are poor, many use duct tape to cover up holes in their pants or shorts. It’s becoming the latest fashion trend in college these days.

Overly creative artsy exotic college people enjoy making 100% duct tape frisbees. Then they show it off to all their friends, and everyone’s like “Oooooo ahhhh” as if it’s like Edison inventing the light bulb all over again.

Mean college people like doing stupid pranks with duct tape like taping up their roommate or taping dorm doors shut. They get a bizarre kick out of it.

College people also like to take a single strip of duct tape and run it across their shirt and then put their name on it. This helps professors remember their name. If they don’t want their grade to be affected, they write their roommate’s name on it.

In the end, college people and duct tape go together like velcro—fast on, hard and noisy off, but the lovin’ is still there.

#37 Sushi

College people have a secret crush on sushi. No joke. A lot of them grow very fond of it during their sophomore or junior year when they realize that their “pigging out” on junk food during their freshman year wasn’t exactly the greatest of ideas.

College people like sushi because it’s healthy and the price is not all that bad. Sushi is considered an art form, and college people find that eating something so elegantly designed is super hip. It satisfies their aggressive, hyper-activity needs to devour anything that looks like it could be devoured.

College people also find that eating sushi relieves stress and makes them horny. Agreed— sushi is the new college aphrodisiac.