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College people love getting a good laugh every now and then, especially when it’s at someone else’s mistakes! Check out this site I recently came across. It’s hilarious and will make for a good laugh!




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100,000 Hits!

Wow… I never thought that this blog would go so far. I mean when I created this blog five weeks ago, I thought that even reaching 1,000 hits would be impossible. lol

~ Thanks Everyone! 😀

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Since college people are already sleep deprived, it makes perfect sense to them to continue that trend. As mentioned in post #43, college people have their schedules packed to the brim, and a lot of energy is wasted in the process. So in order to fill that wasted energy, college people turn to the ultimate “quick-fix” energy booster known: Energy Drinks.

They come in cylindrical shapes and have strange names like Red Bull, Monster, or Rockstar. Some college people get intimidated by just the name itself. Which in turn causes them to consume them, because as we know, college people like to experiment. But that’s besides the point. The point is, is that college people consume these drinks like mad.

College people love the extra buzz they get from them. Compare it to a young child putting ice down their shirt in order to stay up until midnight to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve, well in the case of a college student, the ice is the energy drink. Whenever a college student feels slightly tired or “out of it” another energy drink is gulped. The process repeats itself until they’re so filled up with caffeine that they no longer can concentrate or are so hyper that they practically pass out.

If you’re walking around and see a college student flapping like a dieing fish or shaking uncontrollably then you know they’ve probably have had a little “energy drink overload” episode. This is not a good thing. Seek help immediately.

In the end, there’s something about college people and energy drinks that fit well together. It’s the fact that college people love having a fun, crazy-filled time, all the time, and energy drinks just happen to make the experience a lot crazier, flashier, and greater. It’s the latest trend these days. Maybe it’s just a passing fad—a hyper fad that is.

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Obama and Clinton are pressing for the youth vote…

source: chicoER.com

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College people like to mate because it’s a deep urge that needs to be satisfied. They can’t help it, but their animal instinct prevails hardcore.

Some college people like it dirty, some like it clean, and some even like it doggy style. Whatever the frickin style is, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, is that college people love to mate.

Some do it in the bed, some do it in the bathroom, some do it on a bench, some do it in a car, and some overly confident ones even do it during lecture. Wherever it is, mating is still mating and college people always have a craving for it. It’s a deeper more compulsive craving than the rest of the “older” society.

In fact, college people would rather mate than study. It’s simply more appealing to them. Finding pleasure is a good thing for them and obviously mating is a pleasurable experience. Hmmm… it looks like they found the mother lode!

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A whole new food pyramid is reinvented in college that allows you to pitch the healthy foods in the trash.The rules have changed, no longer do you have to eat gross healthy foods that make you plug your nose while you eat them.

Welcome to the world of mountain dew and oreos — a delicious combination of carbonation and cream filling… Yum! College people love to indulge on this wonderful mixture.

The taste is great and it’s even good for all three meal times — breakfast, lunch, and dinner! It makes the world go round for college people.

The sugary sensation gives college people the extra boost to make it through a long boring day at classes. In addition, college people sometimes have lame oreo stacking competitions or see how fast they can chug a mountain dew.

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After spending five days essentially “trapped” on campus, college people always look eagerly forward to the weekend. College people love weekends so much that 99% of them get temporarily depressed on Monday morning because they ponder the inevitable… a full week of classes ahead. Yikes!

To compensate, college people do a lot of fun things over the weekends. Many of them host parties or go to parties, or do geeky things such as having Guitar Hero competitions, or other silly time-passing things.

In addition, college people also like the fact that they can sleep in on the weekend and since sleeping is also something that college people like, the two fit together nicely.

Lastly, college people think about the weekends 24/7. During lecture, for example, side conversations can be heard about the weekends such as “Hey, what are you doing this weekend” or “Let’s go to that party Saturday night.” End all be all… college people have an addiction over the weekends… no joke.

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