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1. You’re still enrolled in classes, approaching 30, and still don’t have a degree of any sort.

2. You have a sense for a free item; like you have a “freedar” in your head.

3. Going to bed at 5 am is early.

4. You can type an 11 page paper in one night and get an “A”

5. Studying is a fucking bitch.

6. You’re waiting for your financial aid check and your social security check makes it to your mailbox first.

7. You go out to a dinner at a fancy restaurant and you try to order microwaved ramen.

8. You go through any checkout line (especially when paying for food) and take out your prospective college ID card instead of your credit card.

9. Getting out of bed before 12 noon is too early.

10. You would graduate at the top of your class if napping and facebooking were majors.

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Note: These are the results of the “finish the sentence” game back on April 6th. This list is not set in stone and I will be glad to add more to the list so make sure to comment this with your suggestions. 😉

~Special Thanks to Amy, Burst, imaG, HeadNutInCharge, Andy, Kristyn, Todun, and Melmel for contributing to the list!!


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College people love to smooch and make out hardcore in the dorm bathrooms. Such activity would typically be frowned upon by sensible older adults, but college people don’t think that way at all. Instead, it’s the best joyride of their entire lives, and some even manage to make it all the way to home base.

The deviousness of the activity is what makes bathrooms a popular hook-up spot for college people. What right-minded “experienced” old adult would think that bathrooms are the perfect romantic place for a date? Probably zip! And that’s exactly why “unexperienced” young college people choose bathrooms for their love sessions. You see, college people are natural redneck rebels, so it makes perfect sense for them.

In addition, what’s worse, is that college people like to tell all their little friends about the ordeal. They go up to their buddies and say, “Hey bitches, I made out in the bathroom with <insert name> and it was a great experience, it was so fergalicious.” And then their little friends blush in disgust, but then one bursts out saying “Wow, that sounds so fucking awesome!!” Then some high-fives are exchanged and then they go on with their daily lives.

Hooking up in the dorm bathrooms gives college people that extra little edge to make it through a long, boring day of classes. Whenever they get depressed or sad they simply think about it, or fantasize about the next one, and then everything all of a sudden becomes great again. It’s like magic. It’s also their secret life antidote. Shhhh…

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Finish the sentence


Please finish the sentence by writing a comment to this post.

Let’s try to get at least 20 responses. The more the better!

Thanks! Now what are you waiting for? Go and comment! 😀

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Whoever said the only time you get to dress up is on Halloween? If that were the case, college would be boring. That’s where themed parties come in, they bring a certain cool and fun vibe to any college party and allow college people to be like kids again.

A lot of times during these themed parties college people really, and I mean really get into them. It’s a time where they can let loose and just have a blast. College people have tons of different themed parties, but one of the classics and possibly overused one is the traditional “pimps and hoes” party. The name pretty much implies what it is, the guys come dressed as pimps and the girls come dressed as hoes. This is great for college people because they can bring some pretty snazzy accessories such as feather boas and fishnet stockings, stuff that you wouldn’t dare wear to class.

On a more tamed down level, every college student knows of the familiar toga themed party. Now what possibly could be better than coming in and wearing sexy Greek clothing, aka Togas? <insert laugh> Nothing. For the guys, it’s a great way to show off their muscles, for the girls it’s a great way to gawk at those muscles. College people even get a kick out of decorating or “pimping” their own toga to make it sweet and flashy.

Then there’s always the oh-so elegant pajama party where college people come dressing in their most interesting night clothes. Not only is it fun to check out others in their sleeping clothes but it’s also very practical because you can go right to bed after the party. No need to waste time changing when you get back to your room. This is also known as the “kegs and eggs” party because some college people find it fun to stay up all night and then top it off with breakfast in the morning. Although eating eggs in the morning doesn’t sound very appetizing after a night of drinking.

College people are always coming up with new and crazy ideas for themed parties. They’re all for fun, but some are really out there such as foam parties, white trash parties, bikers and babes parties, shower parties, and graffiti parties. Who would a thunk it that all these themes would be so much fun for college people? I guess they’re just a way to loosen up and make life less stressful and more fun. Boy, those crazy college kids.

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Pulling all-nighters in college is common, but that’s not cool in itself, what makes it cool is bragging excessively about it the next day. Like, “Hey man, I’ve been up for 34 hours, and it’s great!” or “Dude, I’m like totally out of it right now, but it feels awesome, oh by the way, I’ve been up for like 40 hours man… it rocks.” While they’re saying this, it has to sound like a drunk kind of tired voice, just kind of like letting it spill out of the mouth.

Pulling all-nighters is not like it is in high school. In college it’s a lot more fun because college people usually have group all-nighters. So what does exactly go on during the night? Answer: drinking, partying, doing stupid things, taking dumb pictures, texting, playing video games, and NOT doing anything productive.

The bragging aspect of this allows college people to sort of recuperate and to just sound like they’re deviant and don’t follow the rules. Like, “Look at me, I’m cool dude, this rocks.” Or something like that, but mostly it’s just the stupidness of it and lack of reason that does it though. It’s all good.

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College people like to secretly fantasize about being strong and being a superhero and thus they admire the all mighty superman. It may not be obvious at first but if you are keen and aware of your surroundings you will be able to spot subtle clues of their secret obsession scattered throughout the college campus.

For instance, one of the clues is in all the posters and pictures college people hang up in their dorm rooms. A majority of the posters happen to be people of whom they admire or look up to. This is a sign of their secret obsession with superman.

Another clue falls in athletics and intramurals. You see, by participating in sports, college people are able to show off their strength and agility just like superman does.

To tie it all together, one must be intelligent enough to recognize these clues, and if they are, their long-time views of college people will be changed forever. May the power be with you!

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#5 Freebies

College people love free stuff because they are poor, and because of this they take advantage of every opportunity possible to get free stuff.

Some of the stuff is ranked higher than others. For example, the thing that drives them off the wall is food. Whenever the phrase “free food” is mentioned their ears perk up like jack rabbits and seconds later a huge stampede of college people is observed.

Another thing that falls high on their list is free apparel. Reasons behind this is because clothing is obviously a necessity for college and poor college people could always use a boost to their wardrobe.

Also, college people like free money, but usually that involves some effort, such as applying to scholarships, and since 9 out of 10 college people are lazy, well… you see my point.

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