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Since college people are already sleep deprived, it makes perfect sense to them to continue that trend. As mentioned in post #43, college people have their schedules packed to the brim, and a lot of energy is wasted in the process. So in order to fill that wasted energy, college people turn to the ultimate “quick-fix” energy booster known: Energy Drinks.

They come in cylindrical shapes and have strange names like Red Bull, Monster, or Rockstar. Some college people get intimidated by just the name itself. Which in turn causes them to consume them, because as we know, college people like to experiment. But that’s besides the point. The point is, is that college people consume these drinks like mad.

College people love the extra buzz they get from them. Compare it to a young child putting ice down their shirt in order to stay up until midnight to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve, well in the case of a college student, the ice is the energy drink. Whenever a college student feels slightly tired or “out of it” another energy drink is gulped. The process repeats itself until they’re so filled up with caffeine that they no longer can concentrate or are so hyper that they practically pass out.

If you’re walking around and see a college student flapping like a dieing fish or shaking uncontrollably then you know they’ve probably have had a little “energy drink overload” episode. This is not a good thing. Seek help immediately.

In the end, there’s something about college people and energy drinks that fit well together. It’s the fact that college people love having a fun, crazy-filled time, all the time, and energy drinks just happen to make the experience a lot crazier, flashier, and greater. It’s the latest trend these days. Maybe it’s just a passing fad—a hyper fad that is.


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College people like laughing at stupid people because it makes them feel better about themselves. Laughing at others’ mistakes is a great way to relieve stress for them. It makes them forget about their own life problems and allows them to recover from emotional hard times. It also makes them sleep better at night for unknown reasons. Have a GREAT day! 😀

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Dorm life: the interesting, crazy, horrible, wonderful and enlightening experience that college people love, especially freshmen. For many, it’s the most memorable time of their entire lives.

Such things as all night bull sessions about everything from childhood fears to ideal jobs, to sleeping on the floor in a friend’s room because your roommate deposited his supper on your room’s floor after some hard partying, are all experiences that will be etched forever in your mind.

College people love the luxury of sleeping in a dorm and all the stuff associated with it. There’s nothing better than being able to walk downstairs to the TV lounge in your pajamas and have a late night movie marathon with all your friends on a cold, rainy night. Then whenever you feel like it you can simply just leave and walk back up stairs and go to bed.

Other things such as music blasting down the halls at 3AM in the morning and crazy, loud parties all add the “cherry on top” to the college dorm experience. And all through these fun- filled adventures, tons of new friends are made in the process, and friends equal fun, so the more the better. (At least up to a certain point).

College people often say that college flies by, freshman year will feel as though it happened in a week. Despite some complaint-worthy aspects of living in university-owned housing, enjoy the fact that you don’t need to call a shuttle to visit your friends’ places after dusk and that you never have to keep track of when the rent is due. College dorm life is an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy it, savor it, hug it, embrace it, do whatever you can to make it a great time.

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College people can’t get enough of this fun, fast paced game. The overall premise of the game is similar to football except instead of using a football, a frisbee is used. The relatively “softcore” nature of the game attracts a lot more ladies to it versus hardcore, rough football. Thus, the game is more diverse and ultimately more fun for everyone.

In a typical game, players can be seen diving left and right and running in masses wherever the frisbee is headed. When the frisbee is caught in the end zone, a loud cheer is often heard and various rituals are performed such as handshakes or pumping the fists in celebration.

Some players get more involved in the game than others. The most aggressive players throw their bodies around in reckless abandon, jumping and doing almost anything to get a hold of the frisbee. Various phrases are also yelled during the game such as “Hot catch!” when someone makes an eye-pleasing grab or “Up!” when the frisbee is in the air to alert other players of the action that is about to begin.

One thing unique about the game that college people love is that there are no referees. Rather, the game is guided by the “Spirit of the Game” which means that players must settle all disputes over fouls among themselves. It’s very interpersonal, but college people wouldn’t want it anyway different. In fact, a lot of love and even some relationships have formed because of the game. Now isn’t that just the sweetest thing.

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For most college people, it’s hard wired in their minds from their childhood that being the center of attention is a great thing. Back then it equaled more friends, which equaled more presents for birthday parties, which equaled more fun and more toys to play with.

The same principle holds true in college but instead of more presents for birthday parties, it’s more of everything… more drinks, more free stuff, more entertainment, more friends, more of the things that college people enjoy.

For some, having good looks is all that it takes to become the center of attention. For the less fortunate ones who don’t have good looks, a little more effort is required to achieve it. But regardless, achieving “center of attention status” is possible for everyone, it just comes easier for some people than others, so don’t lose sleep over it.

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#30 Politics

College people are the type of people who like to get in your face about politics. When they have an opinion about a certain candidate, darn right they will let their opinion be known. There’s no holding them back for they will run their mouth and run it again until their vocal cords no longer vibrate.

If someone were to come up to them and try to sway their opinion about a certain candidate, all hell would break loose. And college cat fights are not pretty, so it’s advised that you don’t even bring up the subject. It seriously can get that bad.

College people like to think that they know a lot about a certain candidate, but the truth is they don’t. This is exactly why cat fights break out because they start flying off the handle throwing out irrelevant info about a certain candidate which in turn pisses off the other person and causes even more tension between the two. In other words, they keep digging their hole deeper and they’re totally oblivious to it.

Their obsession with politics stems from the fact that for most of them it’s either their first or second time that they’re eligible to vote and that’s a BIG deal. For the first time in their lives they can actually make a difference and are no longer just a puny little poor college student.

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College is more than just the classes, it’s about growing up, meeting new friends, but most importantly, it’s about the ramen noodles. In fact, ramen noodles are so popular in college that practically a whole subculture has developed around them to the point that they’re almost idolized!

The term “ramen noodles” is usually just shortened to “ramen” to make it flow better like, “Hey man, let’s have some ramen right now,” and so forth. The reason why they’re so popular in college is because of three reasons: they’re dirt cheap, taste great, and are as easy as heck to prepare.

The great thing about ramen is that you can still eat it even if you’re too lazy to cook it or if there’s no electricity. Just take a bag, crunch it, pulverize it, shake it, smash it, and then sprinkle the flavor powder in the bag, and instantly you have something that tastes like potato chips, only it’s delicious raw ramen!

Before eating ramen, a lot of college people have certain rituals that they do with it such as ramen hockey, ramen tennis, ramen wars, ramen confetti, or ramen baseball. It’s a great sight to walk in a dorm and see ramen bags flying all over the place!

In addition there’s tons of different ways to eat ramen… ramen with tabasco, ramen with cheese, dry ramen, ramen for breakfast, ramen in class, ramen burrito, etc. The list could go on and on, but I don’t think you’d like reading an entire page of different ways to indulge on ramen.

Finally, ramen has even been used as currency in college campuses before, which isn’t a bad idea until the day some fool tries to purchase an iPod from Wal-Mart using ramen… then it’s gone too far. But in the meantime, ramen is practically a college icon, and if it were ever taken away, World War III would break out.

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